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Peoples State Bank has found it necessary to implement additional security features to ensure the safety of your funds transfers. We would like to remind you that Peoples State Bank is one of the few financial institutions in rural Kansas communities to offer this service.

Being able to initiate electronic payments is fast and convenient but can come with additional risks. Criminals are constantly finding new ways to obtain personal information or take advantage of digital services where they can operate anonymously.

To protect large funds transfers, Peoples State Bank has initiated a transaction limit on electronic, external transfers of $2,500.00. If you need to transfer funds in excess of the limit please contact your local branch to discuss other available options.

Additionally, Peoples State Bank will be implementing email verification and multi-factor authentication to ensure that funds transfers from your account are authorized by you ensuring the safe delivery of your funds.

Should you have any questions regarding these changes please contact your local branch. We would love to hear from you and offer any assistance.

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