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  • Kansas Eligible for Small Business Disaster Loans

    The disaster declaration extends to all 105 Kansas counties, making low-interest federal disaster loans for working capital available for Kansas small businesses suffering substantial economic injury.

  • February 2020 - Social Media Privacy

    The ramifications of sharing too much on social media can have an impact on not only your personal life, but on that of your family and friends as well. 

    Read this month's security newsletter on social media privacy to learn what to look out for above and beyond privacy settings on your social media platforms. 

  • Tax-related Identity Theft

    Tax-related identity theft is a real concern, especially during tax season! The Federal Trade Commission released this information to help keep you safe, and to provide helpful information about what to do should you experience this type of thing. 

  • January 2020 - Digital Inheritance

    Have you ever thought about the uncomfortable question, what happens to our digital presence when we die or become incapacitated? Should we create a "digital inheritance" plan? 

  • December 2019 - Messaging/Smishing Attacks

    Messaging attacks (sometimes called Smishing, a play on the word Phishing) are when cyber attackers use messaging technologies to try to trick you into taking an action you shouldn't...

  • November 2019 - Shopping Online Securely

    'tis the season for online shopping! Make sure your data is safe and secure as we move through this holiday season! 

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