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Business Manager

Elements of Business ManagerAccounts Receivable Financing Program

More than 25,000 financially healthy, small-to medium-sized businesses across the United States have discovered that ProfitStars BusinessManager program is the key to running and growing their business more effectively.

BusinessManager puts your operation on an all-cash basis by providing working capital for your receivables from Peoples State Bank. By bridging the gap between your payables due now and the receivables your customers won’t remit for 30 days or more, this successful program positions your company to-

  • Realize growth opportunities
  • Extend credit terms
  • Take advantage of supplier discounts
  • Reduce debt
  • Operate with confidence

How BusinessManager Works

BusinessManager Funding Process:
1. Invoices Granted
A business sells products or services to its customers and sends them invoices for those purchases.
2. A/R Data Sent
The business uploads its accounts receivable file to PSB via BusinessManager.
3. Invoices Reviewed
PSB reviews the file and purchases the business’s accounts receivable.
4. Business Funded
The business receives funding in its operating account. A percentage of the funds is placed in the business’s reserve account, and PSB receives a service charge.

BusinessManager Payment Process:
1. Send
Customers send payments to the business through Peoples State Bank, which processes them in BusinessManager.
2. Review
The business can see which invoices have been purchased and funded and which payments have been received via the 24/7 BusinessManager web portal.

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